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                      Changsha Terry Machinery Co.Ltd  is a leading supplier of bearings,  Linear motion system for CNC , Ball transfer Unit and transmission component  .the growing industrial  and Favorable policy of Changsha benefit the development of Terry Machinery .

                         Our products are utilized in industrial, motorcycle, vehicle and Automation applications. Now we are exporting to 46 countries. including USA, GBR , Germany , Spain,  Poland ,Turkey ect .

                         The Goal of Terry Machinery to provide out customers with widest range of products at competitive prices, backed with the best Service.

                      • 1LINEAR MOTION SYSTEM2018-08-02

                        linear rails,  linear sliding are mechanical components used to control movements with different variables and complexity. They are used in many industrial sectors. This is why each our product h...

                      • 1BALL TRANSFER UNIT2018-08-02

                        ball transfer unitsA multi-directional material handling systemWhen loads need to be moved smoothly, precisely and with minimum effort in any direction,  ball transfer units can help.NTL continua...

                      • 1BEARING2018-08-02

                        What is BEARINGGenerally speaking, a bearing is a device that is used to enable rotational or linear movement, while reducing friction and handling stress. Resembling wheels, bearings literally enable...

                      • 1TRANSMISSION CONPONENT2018-08-02

                        Chains and Sprockets most commonly used for transmission of mechanical power on many kinds of domestic,industrial and agricultural machinery, including conveyors, wire- and tube-drawing machines, prin...

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